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Hey folks, I’m back. I wish I could make excuses like “It has been so busy” or “The
computer was broken” or “Gophers took over the house and held us hostage” but no, sadly I
have just plain been lazy. I mean to type something but I just don’t. But here we are again
so we’ll go with this.
Today is Tuesday, May 3rd. As I type this I’m trying to think of anything that may have
happened over the past 3 months (yikes!) that needs to be covered here. Honestly, not
Not much, that is, except for the most wonderful girl in the worlds birthday! That’s right,
we celebrated another wonderful year of Melisa. It was a tame affair this year. We hung
out at home for the most part and had dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. Melisa really wanted
calamari and crab so by golly, that’s what she got! And she got to celebrate her birthday
in style with the best present ever; a trip to the doctor’s office. Woo hoo!
We’ve also celebrated Easter. Normally leading up to Easter the boys
have various egg hunts. This year Brooks did have one at CVI, which
they held indoors due to rain the previous night. It was a fun little get
together that Brooks seemed to enjoy. He found 10 eggs, the limit for
the kids, and got to play.
Later that same day we went to the church for the annual egg hunt.
They started with a puppet show, which was cute, and then led the kids
out to the egg hunt. Unfortunately they didn’t do a great job in
planning. In years past they have taken the kids to their designated
areas and waited till all showed up and then let them start. It’s not
really a difficult search, as the eggs are pretty much in plain view, but
it is usually fun. But, this year as the kids approached the egg areas the
leaders just let them start grabbing as they arrived. That meant that
anyone towards the end of the line was pretty much out of luck. And
guess where we were. Yep, late for the party. I was with Brooks and
Melisa and GG were with Griffin. When we got there the kids have
picked the place apart like vultures. There were 2 eggs left on the
ground. Now granted, Brooks had fun finding those but it really was
sad. Especially the other children that basically got nothing.
Griffin fared better as he had a full basket. I don’t know how he did but he did. But again, several kids got nothing. Griffin gave
some of his to another small girl that missed out completely. It was very nice of him but really, the kids are there for the fun of
finding eggs. The church really messed up this year.
We haven’t really been anywhere in a while, although we do have some
things planned. And, I have FINALLY gotten back on as Delta regular so
maybe we can fit a flight to some place in there. Griffin really wants to
fly somewhere and look out the window. Brooks just wants to sit in an
airplane seat. We’ll find a place and get going somewhere. Although Melisa
has said we are going nowhere till after Griffin’s birthday. She says I
have too many chores to be playing around. Meanie…..

Well, I’m out of stuff to say. See, this is the bad part of waiting too long
between updates. I honestly don’t know that I’m not missing something. So,
I’m going to close this for now and wait till I get home and Melisa advises
me on what I forgot.
Easter was a nice day. We went to church as usual. You
know, it is amazing to me how many folks decide that, even
though they don’t attend church throughout the year they
feel that this one day they need to be there. Personally, I
have no problem with folks not attending. Jesus himself
went to church once and even then he trashed the place so
no, I don’t feel that attendance is a requirement. Faith is
the requirement. I do, however, find it silly that folks think
this one day will make it all better.
But we did church early and then went to Mom and Ken’s
for lunch. Everything was great and we got to hang out with
the family, which we don’t do nearly enough. On the whole
Easter was nice this year.
The R.A., Melisa, Griffin and Brooks Fraker
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And, not that her birthday needs any reminders but this year it fell on Earth Day, as it always does, but it also was the same day
as Good Friday so I got to be off work to do whatever she needed. Unfortunately, I was the only one off that day so I wasn’t
really that much help. She did get to sleep late while I took the boys to school. Well as late as can be with a morning appointment.
Other stuff, let’s see….
Oh, we finally decided that Griffin was too big for his bicycle. He had been riding the first one, complete with training wheels,
way too long. Finally I took the training wheels off and voila! He could ride. He was amazed. He was also big. Way too big for his
old bike so we found him a bigger one that was the correct size for him. Now when we go outside he rides it all over the place.
He’s getting much better with it and will soon be jumping things, I’m sure.
And, with G getting the bigger bike Brooks has taken over Griffin’s old bike. Yes, we have to push him around but he does have
fun. The training wheels are back on so it’s safe.