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Happy late Thanksgiving, everyone and a very Merry Christmas to you all.
And, while we’re at it, happy New Year! I make no promises about my return
to the update so let’s just knock everything out in one felled swoop. At least
I can get rid of that Halloween picture that has been giving me the creeps
every time I open the computer. Man, Melisa was really weird looking.
OK, so today is Monday, November 29. It’s cold and overcast and we’re
expecting rain. Personally, I like days like this. If I only had some beef
stew I’d be perfect (enter the Mayberry theme).
As the date suggests, Thanksgiving was last week. It was, of course, a good
day as it is every year. Plenty of food to go around and enough to last for a
whole other week. Actually, I had some yesterday and was able to transition
the large containers to much smaller ones, so we’re getting there. But we
enjoyed the time off with each other and hanging out with our families. Why
we don’t all get together more often is a mystery and unfortunate. Busy,
busy, I guess. But we did enjoy the day and everything that comes with it.
We had Fast Passes for some things but, after going through
the “line”, the cast members just said to keep it for next time.
We rode Splash Mountain twice and walked from start to end
without seeing another person. No, this wasn’t during extra
hours or special nights. This was height of the day stuff. Yes,
we have finally found the perfect time to go. If you don’t
already know, too bad. I’m not telling.
But we rode a whole bunch of things. Brooks even got to drive,
which was an adventure unto itself. Disney Bumper Cars!
He wanted to do most everything and some things twice.
Unfortunately, he didn’t discover until late that his second
time on Splash Mountain wasn’t quite as fun as the first. In his
defense, the first time through we took a tidal wave across the
bow. Seriously, I’ve never been drenched like we were this
time. He screamed his head off. But aside from that, he was
great and laughed and had a ball on everything.
Griffin did great, too. In the past he had been nervous or
outright terrified of so many things. This time, after
getting off most things his comments were “I was afraid
of THAT?” He still doesn’t care for Splash Mountain but
that was it. Both the boys loved the Rapids, which Brooks
and I got soaked on and Test Track was a favorite.
Oh, and Griffin rode Mission Space and had a great time.
I’m so proud of him. But, I’m most proud of Melisa and me
who actually got the nerve up to do Stitch’s Escape. If
you knew how much we hate Stitch you’d understand the
magnitude of this accomplishment. Why, oh why can’t they
get him off the wake up calls…..?
We did the free dining plan and ate some good food. We
ate some OK to not so hot food, also but on the whole it
was enjoyable. The best was easily the Cape May Café. I
have no idea why we’ve never done this one before. That
will not happen again.
Brooks, of course, couldn’t care less but he does enjoy playing the game of whose side has the most lights. He is a gamer.
And Griffin is cutthroat. He’ll beat you down till he wins and fight you if he loses. All in good fun, though.
Let’s see, what else? Other than Christmas coming up, not a lot. But Christmas is enough, isn’t it. Here’s hoping the boys
get it right so that Santa Claus decides to visit. Griffin loves pushing the button on one of Melisa’a ornaments that tells
if you’re naughty or nice. I don’t think he understands that yes, it actually IS telling the truth. We’ll find out Christmas
morning. If I was Ho Ho, I’d darned sure be checking that list twice.
OK, I’ve updated! I have no idea when I’ll do it again so you’ll just have to keep looking. Till then, a very Merry
Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
Halloween has come and gone. The boys enjoyed themselves, I think. Griffin
went as Indiana Jones and Brooks was the cutest Hercules ever. We had gone
to the Cumbie’s neighborhood again this year. They’re in a big subdivision with
lots of houses that participate. Griffin went to every door but Brooks kind of
slowed down as the night moved on. But they still had fun. Now we have candy
that will sit around for another year.
I know I’m jumping around a lot. I’m just trying to get something out there so
bear with me……
So, after Thanksgiving we put up the Christmas decorations. It was odd this
year because we decided to put up less but for some reason it seemed to take
longer. But, it’s pretty much done now. The house is always so pretty when it’s
decorated. If only the boys would cooperate with their toys and clean up after
themselves. Griffin wants some lights outside this year. We may do that
tonight. As long as it’s done tastefully. I remember my dad used to always say
that some houses had so many lights that they looked like they were selling
hotdogs. But he still liked taking us all for a ride to see the lights. We do that,
The R.A., Melisa, Griffin and Brooks Fraker
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Since the last update we’ve had twins. OK, that was a bad joke on how long I take to do these. No, no twins. Or singles,
for that matter. No, but we did go on vacation. As a reward for Brooks using the potty full time we went to the world of
the mouse. The weather was great, the crowds were small and the overall time was really nice. Honestly, we didn’t wait
more than 10 minutes for anything, and I don’t recall doing that except a few times.