And so here we are now. Celebrating G’s actual birthday
and in full summer swing. We’re halfway through the year
already, which is crazy. Since it has gone so fast I know I’
ve left some important event off but some update with a
few things missing is better than no update at all.
I’m going to close up by saying Happy Birthday, Griffin!
We love you very much and are very proud of you!

Take care everyone and we’ll chat again!
Melisa’s birthday was in April. I thought I had said something about it on the last update but I didn’t and am very sorry about
that. We didn’t really do anything or go anywhere. Instead, she opted to stay home and do a crab boil. We all really like that so
it was a great day, not just for Melisa but for all of us. We boil crab, sausage, corn and potatoes and then gather around the
table with towels and plenty of napkins and just have at it. It’s a fun meal that is also pretty darned good.
We also celebrated Mother’s Day with, yes, another crab boil. Hey, it’s her day so whatever she wants, she gets. And of course,
me and the boys also get the benefit. Melisa is such a great mom and her boys love her very, very, very much.
Oh, I didn’t say anything about Brooks’ CVI opera. They did something about Bo
and Peep and their lost sheep. It was really cute. Of course, the stand out in the
entire repertoire was Brooks playing the role of “Boy Ant”. Yes, we have a
thespian in our ranks. It was a short play but very cute.

A point of personal pride; I was inducted into the Order of the Arrow, The
national honor society for the Boy Scouts, in May. I’m quite proud of that honor.

And we have seen the last day of school for the year. And more importantly, the
last day of Pre-K for Brooks. Yep, after summer ends he will be in Kindergarten,
going to the same school as Griffin. This is the only year they will ever be in
school together so live it up!. And enjoy only dropping off at one school for at
least a short time.
This past weekend we had his family party, also Lego themed. And
again, he had a good time with his family. And he got some neat

Today is the actual day so we will be headed out to eat at the
Golden Corral. He really wants bourbon chicken and a chance to
dip things in the chocolate fountain. Hey, whatever makes him
happy, I guess. It’s been forever since I ate at one of those
places so hopefully everything is good. Either way, we’re
celebrating my oldest baby and that is good enough for me.

So, another update. We’ve done several things since our last
update so let’s get to it…..
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R.A. & Melisa -
Griffin is spending his birthday at the zoo with Mommy and Brooks. It’s a
CVI thing that Griffin was dragged along to. I say dragged because he
kept complaining that he didn’t want to go and what an awful way to spend
his birthday it was. Well, Melisa sent a picture of G playing with birds.
Really playing with them. I also just got off the phone and he reluctantly
admitted that yes, he actually was having a good time.
While today is his actual birthday he has already been through 2 parties.
First was his friend party, held back in May. We decided that with a
summer birthday it is really hard to get his friends together so we
celebrated a bit early. It was a Lego themed party, complete with
swimming (of course!). He had a good time with his friends.
And with summer comes the annual beach trip to Oak Island. It
was a nice trip with good weather on the whole. There was a
storm brewing off the coast so the waves were HUGE most of the
time. Well that just tickled the boys because they had a ball
playing in them. So did I but I get tired after a while.
Sometimes it’s tough having so much energy around you. I wouldn’
t trade it but yeah, it does get hard to keep up.
We did the usual sand castles and crab hunting. Brooks had a
great time hunting crabs and began living out a crazy scenario
where we kept getting caught in crab traps. He gets so excited
about it and is so imaginative, he constantly amazes me.
And Griffin….as we walked along, every crab had a name. “There
goes Tom” or “Don’t step on Joe”. Then the names got crazy, like
Horatio or Englebert. But walking on the beach with the family is
always a fun time.
Good morning everyone and Happy Birthday Griffin Tate!

Yes, today is June 14, 2012. What?! 2012?! That could only mean one thing…..Double digits!!! Griffin is 10 years old today. Holy
smokes, the time certainly does fly. Not so long ago Melisa and I were sound asleep when Mr. G decided he had had enough
preparation and was ready to join the world. Two months early. And what a wonderful Father’s Day present he was.
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Brooks will really miss his friends from pre-K and is nervous about going elsewhere but we’ve spoke to him about it was the same
last year but he adapted and had fun. Next year should be a blast for him.