That’s kind of a brief synopsis of the past several months.
Winters are generally slow and, with no snow (or Winter
weather!) there wasn’t really anything unusual.
I do, however, have some funny things. One night a few
weeks ago Griffin and Brooks were sleeping in Griffin’s
bed when suddenly a scream went out. I got upstairs to
find that Griffin had hit Brooks for being noisy. Well,
after getting on to Griffin I asked him if he understood
what I was saying. At that point Brooks said “no daddy,
you mean capiche”. Good grief, I laughed so hard.

OK, I just remembered a funny story. Not long ago we
were having supper but Brooks wasn't eating his. It was
salmon with a lemon dill sauce that Melisa makes herself.
It's really good.
And the New Year brought some special changes for Griffin. We knew he had ridiculously crooked teeth and would at some point
need to have them addressed. Well, we took him to the orthodontist in January to have them check him out and see what’s what. I
know he’s young and still getting teeth but his overbite was starting to bother him so we had to get it looked at. We walked out of
the office 2 hours later with Griffin sporting a very shiny new look. Yes, they put them on him that day. We didn’t expect that.
Melisa and I felt kind of bad because over and over we kept assuring him that they were just going to look. He was so nervous
about the whole thing, anyway, we thought “oh no, he’s going to hate us”. But he did great. Not painful at all and not scary. And
amazingly, after just a few days his overlapping teeth were no longer overlapping. That was ridiculously fast. I can’t imagine how
they’ll look in 9 months.
President’s Day was the best ever. We did nothing.
You were here for the Valentine’s Day update. Just a big
ol’ heart on the screen. Hey, I said what I meant, so
But we did enjoy it. We never really go anywhere on
Valentine’s Day. Instead we stayed home and had steak on
the grill. Cooked meat and my sweetie…….perfect day. I
think we did go to a dinner and a movie another day,
which was nice. Melisa is going to get onto me because
for the life of me I don’t remember. If you come back
tomorrow you may see this page changed already. And me
with a knot on my forehead from the shoe she threw at me.
Anyway, the boys got some fun stuff, lots of Lego and Wii stuff for G.
Oh, and a bugle. He asked for one so he got one. It was fun at first but
over the course of the last several months the coolness has apparently
worn off.
Mr. B got some things that he thought were neat, one being a shopping
cart. Yes, that’s what he told Santa he wanted so by golly, that’s what
he brought him. He loved it so nothing else matters. He also got some
noise things and Adventures in Odyssey . He loves those things and
listens every night.
We did our usual boring, stay at home New Year’s eve again. Brooks got
sleepy early, though, and went to bed but Griffin, Melisa and I stayed
up till 2012 and enjoyed a glass of sparkling apple juice on the front
porch listening to fireworks in the distance. Actually, the folks across
the street did have some small rockets so I guess we did get to see
some festivities. But you know, I love my New Year’s Eves just like that
and wouldn’t change it for anything.
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R.A. & Melisa -
Christmas was perfect, of course. The boys slept with us in our bed, as has
become tradition. Griffin has this master plan to catch Santa Claus in the
act. Well, Melisa and I don’t want him to spoil it for Brooks by getting
caught and causing Ho Ho to leave with no presents so we all pile into our
Amazingly, the boys slept late for yet another Christmas. I know when I
was a kid we got up before the sun. Hey, I’m not complaining, I like sleep.
I just think it’s funny. They actually wake up later on Christmas than on
any other day off from school.
On to March.

Brooks took part in his very first Special Olympics. He participated
in a parade around the track and various events like long jump, bean
bag toss targeting, 10 yard dash and ball related games. He got 3
second place ribbons and had a great time. He was bragging about
how he “threw the ball off the earth”. That is one strong boy!
With Easter coming soon we took part in Brooks’ CVI Easter Egg
hunt. The whole family went downtown and listened to some songs,
Brooks visited with the Easter Bunny, did the Bunny Hop and then
Brooks and Griffin got to “hunt” for eggs. Hunting for eggs at CVI is
a bit different because all the eggs are in plain sight. That’s fine and
good if you have sight so it was just right. Some of the kids can see a
bit while some are completely blind. For the blind children they had
tape recorders or noisy eggs sitting next to the candy eggs to help
the kids find them. It is always fun and fascinating to watch as they
search. And it’s nice because after the students are done the siblings
get to take part. I think everyone had a good time.
Hey folks! Welcome back to another edition of our web page. Once again it has been a while so I have a lot of catching up to do
so let’s get to it.  
So, today is Wednesday, April 4. Our last real update was around Christmas time. The Valentine’s Day update was supposed to
be short lived but it just hung around. I honestly didn’t even realize that I had no links on there till just now.
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February also brought about the Scouts’ Pinewood Derby. Griffin listened to his mother and decided to make a car that looked
like a flaming pickle. A big, fat, green, pickle. I hated the idea. I could see the funny factor and maybe winning the “Best of
Show” but it seemed like it would be slow. But when all was said and done it was a pretty darned cool looking car. It looked like a
real pickle. And danged if it didn’t move. He won several races but, unfortunately there were 2 cars that were faster. That’s
what you get when there are a whole bunch of cars in the same category. You can beat 10 and lose to 2 and get nothing. But I
think he had fun.
And this year Brooks wanted to run a car. He decided on a fire truck and after it was finished it was one super nice looking car,
if I do say so. And I do say so. And he won several races, too, but just couldn’t hang in the open class. He had fun, though.
Oh, Brooks is rehearsing for his CVI opera. He is very excited because he has “homework” that Ms. Jackie assigned him.
It’s a CD with songs that he is supposed to practice. He loves that he is like big brother now and is diligent with his
homework, which, I guess, isn’t like his big brother. Griffin does great in school and is super smart, he just doesn’t love
school or homework. Yeah, he’s mine.
OK, I’m going to go ahead and put this out there so I can stop
looking at that heart every time I start my computer. Spring
and summer are coming so look for more stuff, hopefully sooner
rather than later.
Well, Brooks didn't eat his. Flat refused to do it. After waiting a really long time before deciding it wasn't going to
happen, I told Brooks he had to go to his mother and explain why he didn't eat the food that she made for him. So, Brooks
gets up and wanders to te laundry room to Melisa and proceeds to tell her that he didn't eat his supper because it just
wasn't creative enough. Really, baked salmon with a homemade sauce wasn't creative enough for the 5 year old? Boy, are
we in for it when he really gets a grown up palate.