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R.A. & Melisa -
Good morning everyone and happy Labor Day. What? Labor Day?! That
just means happy work day so take the day off. No, what we really mean
to say is Happy Birthday, Mr. B!!!
Yes, today is September 6 and Brooks turns 4 years old today. I know,
you hear all the time about how time flies and we all experience it but
really, doesn’t time seem to fly right by? I was writing our usual 6 month
update on Brooks and thought “didn’t I just do this.” He is growing like
crazy. Folks mistake him for much older and he is easily the tallest child
in his classes. And he is super smart. Melisa goes to his weekly class at
CVI and has been told she needs to learn everything she can because he
is so far ahead of the class that we need to be ready for the next stage in
his learning.
And big news (and very much welcomed) Brooks is officially done
with diapers! Woo hoo!!! After months and months of showing no
interest whatsoever in using the potty and vain attempts in finding
anything to bribe him with we finally hit on something. He has a
MP3 player that he carries with him everywhere. It is loaded with
songs that he chose. Well the original player broke so we replaced it
but with only the preloaded music on it. The deal was, for each time
he used the potty he could add a song. We also promised a trip to
Disney World if he started using the potty. That did it and he jumped
right on board. Brooks is now completely trained and is even wearing
regular big boy underpants. He has been using the potty regularly
for almost a month now and has not had an accident yet, including
overnight. Now we have to find a good deal to Disney. Aw, poor us.

But, with growth also comes accidents. Brooks has taken his first trip
to the emergency room. Yes, doing some of his playing or spinning or
whatever he does, Brooks fell and hit his head on the rocking chair in
the living room.
He split his forehead a bit and we had to take him to the hospital where they glued him back together. He did great with
it and didn’t complain one bit. Actually, with him being blind I’m really amazed he hasn’t done this sooner. Not because
he’s blind but because he is a complete daredevil with no fear.
Oh, and speaking of the emergency room. We all have 2
arms, right? Well Griffin had now broken both of his. Yes,
simply walking from the living room to the kitchen, Griffin
tripped over his feet and fell to the floor. The result, a
compound fracture that the doctor also deemed “unstable”.
Yeah, it was bad. But this time when they set it they put
him under. That was hard to watch. They stuff they used
didn’t actually put him completely out, it just mostly did.
The way they described it, his brain felt things but it was
disconnected from the part that remembers. So, when they
pulled his poor broken arm back into place, Griffin sat up
with a look of the most extreme pain I have ever seen. I
will never forget the look on his face. It broke my heart.
But, when he came back to he has no memory of it at all.
He was in a splint thing for 3 weeks and now has a short
cast. It’s still separated but is getting better. He just needs
to remember to be careful.
School is going well for Griffin. He likes 3rd grade so far. He seems to have a nice teacher and has made more friends.
Some are the same, some are new. I think the days of getting in trouble in school every day are a thing of the past. He’s
a good boy.
And in Cub Scouts he has already earned is Bear rank. No cheating, it’s all real and he completed everything on his
own. We haven’t even had our first Pack meeting of the school year and he’s already achieved his rank (along with
several Arrow Points).
Melisa and I are doing well. We really want to go to the
beach but that keeps eluding us, somehow. It’s always
something else. And now we need to go to Disney, which is
now stupid expensive. But, we promised.
Other than that it’s been kind of a quiet few months. You
know, take out those 2 emergency room trips. I’m going to
cut it off now with the hopes of that. We’ll be back soon with
more fun stuff. Maybe the next update will be “Wow! We
just had the most amazing, and safe, vacation experience
ever!” Dare to dream……
Happy Birthday, Mr. B!!!