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Happy 2nd Birthday, Brooks!!!
Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of us. We’re so glad you could make
it. Today is Monday, September 8 and it is a warm day. We have a whole world of
things happening so let’s get right to it.
Tops among the goings on is Brooks’ big second birthday. Yes, 2 years have passed
since bringing home our hairy little boy. I remember when he first came home he had
so much, not just on top of his head but his forehead was so fuzzy. I understand it’s
his Korean side but, if you didn’t know better you’d swear your child was the wolf boy.
Not knowing his birth dad, hey, that wasn’t necessarily out of the realm of possibility.
But, since then he has become such a good looking boy. I think my genes finally
caught up to him. He has grown so much in the past two years. I know kids do that but
his is especially exceptional. He is so super smart, he continually amazes us. At his 2
year doctor appointment he came in at 35 inches tall and weighed in at 26 pounds. Tall
and skinny. He had no issues and, best of all, he got no shots.
And, exactly who are the Frakers?
Brooks’ birthday was held on his actual day this year. It fell on a Saturday
so nice timing, son. It was planned as a pool party (we’ll get to that later)
and a gathering of the family. For lunch we had hamburgers and various
sides. Actually, I guess that would be supper since we ate a bit later due to
the football game. But the burgers were good. Big, juicy and full of grease,
just the way they should be. It started a huge fire on the grill so you know
they were bursting with flavor. He got all kinds of neat stuff. It seems this
year’s theme was music. He got 2 guitars, a tambourine and a drum. And
yes, he uses every one of them. Over and over. Thanks, folks.
As I said, we were supposed to swim but the temperature had dropped just
enough to make the water cool. That, coupled with the timing of the ball
game kept folks out of the water. The boys swam, though, so I guess that
was a bit of a mission accomplished.
Either way, we all had fun and Brooks would like to thanks everyone for
joining im on his special day.
Oh, and for a glimpse into his growth,
check out this page here! My, the
difference a year makes.
Now, what about that pool comment? Well, Melisa and I were sitting around thinking about completing the basement when we
started thinking. Keep in mind, this was about a month ago when it was hot. It was so hot that I said, “let’s just put a pool in
now.” Well we looked around and found a place and, voila! Within a week we had a pool. It’s a fiberglass shell pool and was in,
filled and swimming in a week. OK, maybe 8 days but still close. We have a saline system that does the cleaning and chlorination.
It means no chlorine which means no fading of clothes or having to buy chemicals. It’s nowhere near as big as the previous
pool but honestly, that thing was huge anyway. And this one works perfectly. We don’t have a diving board but do have it set for
a slide in the future. They’re really expensive so we may wait just a bit. Anyway, now we can swim and we are very happy about
that. We missed being able to do that.
What’s new for Griffin? Well, he’s in school, of course and, well, he picked up
behaviorally where he left off. He talks. Apparently a lot. Oh, Griff….just stop for a
bit. But, he’s also fun so I guess that gets him a bit of slack from the teachers. He’
s so very smart and it definitely shows in his class and homework.
He recently joined the Cub Scouts. He is now a Tiger Cub, which is fairly new to
Scouting. It’s kind of the entry level for first graders. He is really enjoying it. And,
as a bonus, I get to be his Den Leader. Melisa was all excited because she
wanted to make fun of me in my shorts and long socks. Too bad, I just wear the
uniform shirt and my own shorts or pants and socks. Sorry. Hey, I look cool. And
as far as Griffin goes, Tiger Cubs’ colors are orange and blue, so you know he
loves that. Let’s see….oh, vacation is next week. Yes, back to Disney but with
free dining this time. We’re looking forward to it. Hopefully it won’t be too hot or
crowded. It will probably be the first, not so much the second. Either way, it’s time
off and away. And, we asked Griffin’s teacher and she was fine with him taking the
time off. Woo hoo! The truth can be told!
OK, where else……well, Melisa and I are good. You know us, we don’t do
anything. So, I guess that wraps it up. I’m out of things to say. I’ll be back soon
with more. Halloween is coming up so we’ll be making plans for that. I think we
have the costumes lined up but that can always change. We’ll see.
So, till the next update, have a great day and a great next day (and run with that
theme). Bye!
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