Now we’re into July and it is hot. We’re still waiting on that
first tomato from the “garden” but who knows when that will
happen. There are several medium sized tomatoes on the plants
but they seem to be taking forever to finish growing. It’s
funny, no matter where or how I plant at this house I just
can't get anything to grow. This year’s batch is solely in
planters with soil but it’s the same story. When I said that at
the house on Bannister Place I was able to grow huge tomatoes
year after year Melisa actually told me I was “lucky”.
Basically, I was doing it all wrong here and any previous
successes would be attributed to just plain luck. 10 years of
luck, but luck no less. Thanks, hon.
School ended for both the boys. Well, it ended for Griffin for the summer but, while Brooks finished his time at Mirror Lake he
continues into summer sessions at CVI. That means Monday morning classes and swimming. He gets to go to the pool of some run
down trade school in Atlanta and practice doing all sorts of things in the water. He likes going there but in addition to the
swimming they take all sorts of field trips. They have had picnics, been to various restaurants local to CVI and played in the
park. I have come home from work a couple of times to find the boys in Waffle House or Varsity hats. One of the most
anticipated and talked about trips is the one to the candy shop. Brooks had a good time and he and Griffin have decided that they
need to go back.
In between Brooks’ school sessions we packed up and hit
the beach. This year we returned to Oak Island. That whole
Folly Beach thing last year drove us back. We like it at
Oak Island a lot but we did try to find some place that
might be closer. Having no luck with rates we returned to
the old favorite. Melisa, me and the boys and GG spent a
fun week at the beach. We built several sand castles,
looked for late night crabs and ate plenty of seafood,
including 2 trips to the happy, rainbow flagged pirate. That
is a story unto itself. I have no idea what they did with
Captain Stanley and maybe I don’t want to know
The first thing that happened deals with Griffin and Scouts. We had
our Spring family campout in mid May. This is the event where the
families camp and the boys “cross-over” to their new rank. Griffin
had been a Bear but, now that he is about to enter the 4th grade he
crossed into Webelos. That means more outdoor activities, more
learning and a completely different uniform. He now sports the same
khaki and olive outfit that dad does and I gotta tell you, he looks
pretty good in it. I was thinking of a picture we took last year when
he became a Bear and how young he looked in that compared to the
picture we took in the tan. But it was funny, we did our hike and
made our way to the cross-over point with Griffin in his blue
uniform. As soon as we got back to camp he disappeared into the tent
only to emerge a bit later fully decked in his new uniform. He didn’t
want to take the thing off. He looked pretty cool.
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R.A. & Melisa -
So, when was the last update…..Oh yeah, it was at the beginning of May. So what have we done since May? Well, plenty. I’ll try
to go chronologically but may mess up here or there so please bear with me. This is my record keeping and may not be perfect.
The ocean was very warm on this trip. Normally the Atlantic is much cooler but it was like a warm bath this time around.
Granted, we did go later than normal but I don’t recall it ever being that warm. But, it did make swimming more pleasant. Griffin
would swim, regardless of temperature but this time Brooks wasn’t terribly bothered. And he loved being pulled around on the
boogie board. He’s not an ocean swimmer yet but he’s getting better with it.
June also brought Griffin’s 9th birthday. He had a friend birthday pool party and a family party at the house. The pool party
was neat because Melisa had bought lots of glow things. There were kids with multiple glow-y things all over themselves. Griffin
himself had about 10 things on him. But it was fun and all the kids had a good time. But, since it was his birthday we took the
annual comparison picture,
which you can look at here and see the changes that have taken place through the years.
Happy summer, everyone! Happy hot, humid summer. Yes, summer has been going
for almost a month now and the temperatures have finally found themselves and
made for a super enjoyable time of year. As I type this it is 3:30 am and the
temperature is already over 80 degrees. Yes, it’s early but I am working, or was,
so it’s OK to be awake. We’re expected to hit close to 100 today, which is always
a joy, but thank goodness for shade and its ability to make it seem like only 95.

Today is Wednesday, July 13 and I’m sitting here in my chair. Baxter is laying on
the sofa snoring and dreaming doggy dreams. Not long ago we moved the freezer
in from the garage and put it in the laundry room. The temperatures got so hot in
the garage that we doubted the freezer’s ability to actually freeze. But, now that
it is in the laundry room Baxter won’t stay in there. Our brave protector is
scared stupid from the noise of the freezer running. He does fine sleeping in the
living room so I guess nothing is really hurt.
The R.A., Melisa, Griffin and Brooks Fraker
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Oh, before I forget, funny story. Or stories. Brooks has apparently been cured. Yes, it’s true because on countless occasions
he has asked “why do people keep saying I’m blind”. He insists he’s not and will make arguments to support that statement.
One of particular note was when he correctly advised Melisa of the time on the clock. Seriously, of all the numbers he could
pull up, much less being able to even TELL time, he correctly advised her of what time it was. He then turned to leave and
promptly walked into the wall
There was another funny story but, for the life of me, I can’t remember. I’ll ask Melisa after she reads this and will update
it. I know there’s a typo in here somewhere that she’ll be sure to point out, so I’ll have to update anyway. I need to take
notes better.
But, I think I’m going to call it a wrap for now. We have some things coming
up this week and beyond and Brooks’ birthday is right around the corner. So
hopefully I’ll have more soon but if not, I’ll have stuff later.
Thanks for visiting and have a great summer!

By the way, Griffin was recently elected Pharaoh. Get used to it.