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Happy October, everyone! It’s October 3 and it is a beautiful, glorious, somewhat cool day. I wandered around outside for a bit after Melisa took Griffin to school and while Brooks was still asleep. It was amazing. I love this time of year. OK, maybe a bit later in the year but I love this weather.
There hasn’t really been a lot happen since the last update but I did want to go ahead and put something up. I don’t want anyone accusing me of slacking off.
So, the weather has cooled down, especially at night, which means there is no more swimming for the year. That’s OK, though because we still got in close to 2 months worth. Not bad for a last minute decision to have it installed. With the fiberglass pool we got it in probably 4 to 5 weeks sooner than a liner pool. Next year we’ll be in that thing every day.
And, exactly who are the Frakers?
Griffin is still Griffin; Smart as a whip but kind of chatty. Really, he goes to school and pulls a “slip” almost every day. His problem is he just wants to be funny, I think. Hey, being popular is great but keep it in check.
However, I have to tell a story. It seems that he was in class not long ago and something came up. I believe it was something with his teacher’s son. It seems he came in their room and wanted something. She told him he had to go back to his class and couldn’t keep coming to hers. Well, Griffin, as if being cued by the director and with perfect timing let off an appropriate “wahn waaahn”. OK, what does that mean? Well, think about watching a sitcom and someone has something not go their way. That’s the musical sound you would hear. Kind of a trombone thing.
Anyway, his timing was impeccable. It seems that the teacher and the room mom had to turn away to keep from openly bursting into hysterics. I believe that’s his saving grace from suspension. He’s funny. Couple that with the fact that he is so smart and you have the makings of a future “Mr. High School” or “Most Popular”.
As you know, he’s also in Cub Scouts. He really likes it and is doing well. He is the first in his den to earn his Bobcat badge as well as his Tiger Paw tracking, which leads him towards his Tiger Cub badge. I know, you don’t get it but it is pretty neat to get 2 badges in only your first month. He’s very proud and so are we.
Brooks is doing well. He is constantly learning more and his vocabulary is really expanding. The problem is that he is sometimes hard to understand. He FINALLY has a speech therapist coming next week to work with him. He has problems with some sounds so hopefully she’ll get that corrected.
We’re STILL waiting on that cane training Brooks was promised months ago. Not really sure what’s up with that. He’s ready but everyone just keeps on saying he’s too young. The fact is, he uses every moveable object in the house as a cane and really needs to actually get started on the real thing.
Lately Brooks has been very clingy. It is nearly impossible for either Melisa or me to leave the room without an incredible screaming fit. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which one of us it is that leaves the room. As soon as they do, that is the person he wants. He could be hanging on me and paying no attention to Melisa but, as soon as she leaves the room he goes nuts for her. Mr. Radar, I guess.
So, Halloween is coming up soon. Griffin has been looking for what he wants to be. He did want to be an Air Force pilot but I think we’ve kind of nixed that. He was an Army man last year and we’d kind of like him to expand beyond “green”. Nothing against the service at all, but use some variety. Melisa found a space shuttle commander outfit that will probably work.
Brooks is most likely going to be playing the part of Mickey Mouse. We have the outfit already, so what the heck? We tried it on him and it looks good. He’s all set to go to Uncle Jim and Aunt Kim’s for Trick or Treating.
Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, we went to Disney a few weeks ago. It was fun. Hot, as usual, but overall fun. It’s funny, now days we really don’t feel we did a whole bunch. I mean, we’ve been so many times that we are never in a rush to do anything and often do most things only one time. One thing we would have loved to do a second time is the Toy Story ride. Unfortunately, the line for it is crazy long and the thing whips around so fast, if Forrest hadn’t been in the seat with Griffin and us holding Brooks, there is no way we could have done it. They should tell you that part. Unless someone is pretty much dedicated to holding small children, no way you keep them in the seat.
OK, that’s enough. I’ve said all I can. Or at least all I will. Besides, I have to get back to work. I’ll be back with an update soon. We have Halloween coming up and the second greatest day of the year. OK, third behind Christmas and Easter. R.A. and Melisa celebrate 11 years as “The Frakers”. What a wonderful celebration we’ll have. Maybe we’ll go eat a really big lobster and seafood dinner. Whatever you do, you can bet we won’t be hanging out at the house eating hot dogs. I know people that do that. Hopefully we love each other more than that. Oh, you know we do.
OK, I’m done. So, have a great week and till we meet again, happy day!
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