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Hey! Guess what! Halloween is coming in just over a week! Don’t
tell Melisa I said it that way. She doesn’t deal in date
generalities. But yes, we will be having fun very soon with the
boys out in the streets at night wandering to the homes of
people we don’t know, taking candy from strangers. What an odd
Welcome back! Today is Wednesday, October 20. It was raining
when I came in this morning but that has stopped. The weather
has cooled some. Right now it’s around the mid-60s at 10:00 am.
It has gone to extremes for the past couple of weeks.
We’ve been moderately busy over the past few weeks so let’s
get to it!
A couple of weeks ago we did Griffin’s Cub Scout
family camp. We didn’t actually camp out but we did
spend the day there. It was nice to spend the day
outside. We went on a long hike, heard some history
and the story of the headless Indian chief, launched
rockets and just sat around while the boys played.
It would have been nicer if we had been in our
original campsite next to the big field but someone
beat us to it and, being the good Scouts that some
are, we let them stay and took a “not as great” spot
on the other side of the hill. That took some of our
activities away and did cause Brooks to be a bit
hamstrung on his activities.
But don’t let that bother you because the next weekend was Brooks’ camp. We all were able to spend the
day at BEGIN Family Camp. It was a great day to be outside and have fun. It was kind of odd, though,
because here we were at family camp but the boys were off doing their thing with the staff. Brooks got a
chance to play and sing and do some fun things while Griffin served as a volunteer helping the campers and
staff. Melisa and I were able to get involved in some of the things that the kids do during normal BEGIN
sessions. That included doing “Wake up and Sing” and circle time. We had discussions with each other as
well as the staff. One thing that was neat was, one of the Vice Presidents of CVI was there. He is a blind
gentleman and he spoke to us about all sorts of things, including growing up blind and the opportunities that
still exist.
It was kind of strange seeing some of the other
parents and you could tell that many are scared for
their children. Not that they are bad at all but you
can see some folks really are worried they won’t do
their best or that their children are somehow
limited in opportunities. Melisa and I talked about
this after camp and how thoughts like this just
never occur to us. I won’t say we don’t worry. I
worry every day that I may not do what I need to,
but that is for both of my children. I’m sure every
parent does this. I think the speaker put a lot of
minds to rest.
Oh, since Brooks had his birthday we too the annual “comparison photo” so you can see how much he’s
You can find that here.
But, I guess I’m done for now. Hope it doesn’t take as long next time but…ah, who are we kidding. I’ll
probably write again in December.
Happy Halloween, everyone!!!
Oh, we did get to ask some questions that you just have no way to know the answer to. With Brooks being
young he wouldn’t be able to best articulate his answers but, we asked things like “what does blue mean to
you”. We all hear folks say blue is cold or wet but I don’t buy that, so I asked. There were questions about
how would I describe light and then one person asked the question we all wondered (you do too). How do
you dream? Well, it’s exactly like you thought it would be. He dreams of sounds and smells and touch. I
thought that was neat to hear.
In the afternoon the boys put on their Halloween costumes and did a
short parade before some small “Trick-or-Treat”ing. They then got
a chance to take a knock at a piñata. Not a single ballplayer in the
But again, we had a full day of fun. We were there from 8 am to 8
Speaking of Halloween, the boys are fired up about it. Griffin will be
Indiana Jones this year, complete with satchel, whip and fedora.
Brooks is going to be Hercules and looks pretty neat. We haven’t
decided where we’re going this year. I imagine another year at the
Cumbie’s but I haven’t heard.
Oh! Big day today! Griffin got his cast off 3 weeks ago and today he
finally got  rid of his splint. So, after 10 weeks he finally has his arm
freed. Good grief, that is a really long time. But, it was a really bad
break so I guess it needs every bit of that time.