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R.A. & Melisa -
Hello again! I’m back with more stuff. I had meant to do something for
the past couple of weeks but didn’t want to do anything until I uploaded
the most recent pictures. Well, that took forever, too. No good reason,
just no one ever did it.
So, today is Tuesday, May 4. It’s a bit overcast today and temperatures
are currently in the low 70’s. I think it’s supposed to hit the mid 80’s
later. We just got through the most recent round of flooding. I think
Sunday night we got around 4 inches of rain, if not more. The pool
overflowed, which would mean at least 4 inches but since it does crest
and then pour out it could have actually been more. But unlike last fall
we had no damage to anything. Woo hoo!
Since the last update several things have gone on. For
one, we went on vacation. This year we tried out Folly
Beach in South Carolina. It was nice but I don’t know
that we’ll go back. It seemed crowded and drew a
younger crowd. Yes, it’s close to Charleston but we didn’t
go for Charleston, we went for the beach. I don’t know, it
wasn’t bad but it wasn’t really the “off the path” quiet
island we are used to. And I personally wasn’t thrilled
with the restaurant selections. Fine, but not great. And
limited. I mean, come on! This is Charleston (area)! How
the heck can you not know how to make shrimp and
grits?! I was terribly disappointed in the servings of the
only real thing I had wanted to eat the whole trip. Grits
with cheese sauce or plain old brown gravy with a few
shrimp thrown on does not get it for me.
The actual beach was kind of cool and very windy. We sat on the beach and made various sand things. This year’s
theme was military equipment. It included submarines, F-14s, battleships, destroyers and my personal favorite, the
aircraft carrier. I felt bad when Griffin and I did battle and blew them up.
It took Brooks a while to get happy with sand but he got there eventually. He wasn’t too keen on going barefoot but did
fine with his shoes on. But he did not want to touch that water! But who could blame him? It was danged cold. Not that
that kept Griffin out, which means it didn’t keep me out, either.
Easter has come since the last update. Actually, it
occurred while we were at the beach.  It’s strange to me
not being in church on Easter. But it is still Easter and
means the same thing regardless of where we are. The
boys participated in 4 different Easter egg hunts and
had several family ones. GG had brought special glow-in-
the-dark eggs to the beach and Griffin had fun finding
them. Brooks got in on it, too with his talking eggs and
with help from others in finding regular eggs. The boys
also colored eggs. There were some good ones. We got
their pictures before grinding them up into egg salad.
Good stuff….
The pool is now open and ready for business. Of course, the water is still around 76 degrees so business is slow. Griffin
keeps insisting on getting in, which, again, means I get in, too. 76 is good for air temperature but it is cold for water. But
at least it holds water. After the flooding last fall the pool was actually broken and wouldn’t hold water. The idiot
contractor we had came by and looked and said he could fix it for $2500. That included cutting out the cement, digging
down to the pipe and fixing it and then replacing the cement. Ummm….no.
I ended up getting in the pool and finding where it had separated at the bottom drain of the pool. It cost me $5 worth of
sealing/hardening putty and it is as good as new.
The boys are doing well. Brooks is coming to the end of his first
year of school. He seems to have really enjoyed it. He asks most
days which school he is going to. Including Sunday School he
has 3 so it does get confusing.
Still no luck on the potty front. We thought we had something
that would work well as a bribe. He has a MP3 boom box that
has songs he chose loaded on it. Well, that box broke so we got
another one. We told him that, to get any songs loaded he has
to use the potty. What an excellent plan. Too bad he totally lost
interest in his boom box that day. The boy just will not do it. I’m
tired of diapers.
He’s getting better feeding himself. Everything isn’t one bite
now. He actually does bite things in half so he doesn’t always
have a mouthful.
And what about Griffin, the toothless wonder? Well, it took a
really long time but he has finally lost both his top front
teeth. He looks kind of funny. Good looking, but funny
looking. Seriously, those 2 teeth were loose for about 3 weeks,
if not longer. Finally he just got tired of it an messed with
them till the let go, both within a few days of each other. The
tooth fairy was doing overtime.
He’s looking forward to camping out this weekend with the
Scouts. We set up the tent in the basement to be sure we
knew how and now he keeps asking to go downstairs so he can
play in it. Melisa is supposed to camp, too. Hopefully this will
be better than the last foray several years ago in 100 degree
Disney weather. It’s only one night. I hope she does well.
And, the next day is Mother’s Day so we need to be sure she
enjoys it.
But Griffin is good. He’s ready for school to end. He likes his
friends but doesn’t really seem to like school that much.
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OK, I’m stopping. I need to get back in
weekly mode so I don’t go on and on. Come
back next week and see if I followed
through with that. Thanks for reading!