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R.A. & Melisa -
Lucky you! You've joined this many people on here
You know, sometimes we get so busy that some important things get pushed
aside. We say things like "I'll get it tomorrow" or "I need to do that" but we just
say it and never actually get to it. Well, time to get to it.
Good afternoon, everyone and welcome to another addition of
We're so glad you stopped by for a visit. We have lots of information to pass
along and hopefully we can catch you up on what all has been going on since
we last spoke. Today is Friday, May 8 and it is a beautiful, sunny Spring day.  
OK, let's get to it.
The family is doing well. We've had so much going on it has seemed almost
impossible to actually stop and take a breath. We look forward to Wednesdays
because that is pretty much the only day of the week we don't have something
going on. As we wade through our days I think about my parents and have a
much greater respect for them and all they did for us when we were young. I
mean, there are 2 children in our family and it's tough on us. Imagine 4, or
even more children.
So what all is this stuff I'm talking about? Well, lets start with Griffin...
He's doing great. I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but in school he is doing excellent. He was accepted into the school's
gifted program, "Program Challenge". It's an opportunity for students to go to their own class where they go into more things
and study beyond the usual math and reading. He is so smart. Not too long ago, we were at his Cub Scout meeting which is held
at a Church. Well, in our normal room, the students of the class had painted it really neat and added several bible passages to
the wall. Griffin went around reading all of them and then told me how much he liked to read. Good for him! And he is very good
at it. He took his CRCT exams a few weeks ago and from what we heard (under the table, of course) is that he did great.
Baseball is going pretty good. Griffin is a heck of a good fielder and stops most everything that comes his way. And he runs this
year. Remember last year when he loped around the bases? Well, he found his speed around the bases this year.s a fast boy
and now he shows it. His hitting, well, he does well off the tee but when he free swings, that can be hit or miss. But he tries his
best and that is good enough for me.
However, he told me yesterday that maybe next year he wants to play tennis. Fine with me. Whatever makes him happy.
He loves Cub Scouts. We've had a really good time with it this past year. As you know, Griffin has been a Tiger Cub. Well, as of
last Saturday he has been a Wolf. Yep, the guys "graduated" to the next level. Griffin earned all his badges at the Tiger level
and several electives that he can carry on all the way up to Boy Scouts. I’m so proud of Griffin and all the guys in his Den. If
you ever wanted to see what went on,
here is a link to the Tiger Cubs page. There are pictures in there towards the bottom.
Follow that link to see the activities.
And he loves Sunday School. He actually calls for it from time to time. He'll just say out of the blue "I want to go to Sunday
School". When he does go, after we leave we ask what he did and he tells us that he played with the vacuum or some other
toy. We'll as if he played with his friends and he proceeds to name off a few of them. That is super neat to me. Not just that he
has friends but that he names them and that he played with them and what they played.
And his birthday is coming up soon. We're having a pool party this
year and he's inviting everyone from all is activities. We're doing it
while school is still in so hopefully more folks will come. We
remember poor Matthew and his Summer birthday and how, even
though they are your friends, folks tend to get lazy in the summer
and just don't show up. That still breaks my heart when I think about
But, Griffin is great. And he is a sweet, fun loving little boy. Who
could ask for anything more?
And on to Brooks!
Brooks has been amazingly busy the past several months. He is
advancing so fast, it's hard to believe where the time has gone. But,
even though he has had so much thrown at him he has handled it all
extremely well. I mean he really has been busy.
You know about his usual meeting with folks 2 times a week. Well,
throw in the occasional training with his cane from his Orientation
and Mobility teacher. He's had his can for a little while but is now
getting formal training. He really does well with it and is amazing to
watch. The teacher gets so excited with him and says over and over
about how really impressed with him she is.
A few weeks ago we went to the Board of Education to discuss
Brooks and the fact that he would be starting Pre-K next year.
They went through various information things and Brooks was
screened for his hearing. It is so hard to believe that he will be
starting school so soon. Normally I would be sad that my little one
was heading to school but in his case I am really excited. I want
him to get running on so many things that will help him go
through everyday things. We were kind of annoyed because one
of our main concerns was the teaching methods, specifically
Braille. We asked about this and the girl told us she honestly
didn't know if there was a Braille teacher in Douglas County.
Wrong answer. She then proceeded to carry on about technology
and learning that aspect and not so much actual Braille. Again,
wrong answer. We want him to learn to read, not listen (you know
what I mean). This is something they will clear up. Or will have to
clear up.
Speaking of school, super exciting news! Brooks has begun classes at the Center for the Visually Impaired in downtown Atlanta.
He goes once a week and loves it. This is an especially great place because they can concentrate of his learning and his needs.
There are also lots of parents with children going through the same things. There are folks from so many diverse environments
but everyone is there for the same reason and it is really neat. One really cool thing to us, personally, Brooks is the only child
there using a cane. The teachers and parents are amazed by the fact that he uses one and does it quite well. In fact, the
teachers have said that maybe Brooks can be the model for children and break the belief that there is such a thing as an age
barrier to cane usage. It depends on the child and, honestly, ours is exceptional.
So, Brooks is also great. He talks all the time and just really
likes to play. He really is exceptional, in every way.
Let’s see, what else….well, we took a vacation to the
beach. Oak Island, again. It was fun but cool to cold. The
weather itself wasn't bad but the temperature did drop at
times. And the ocean was FREEZING! But I'll be darned, that
skinny Griffin still kept getting in it. How in the world a child
that is skin and bones could stand that water ids beyond me.
He forced me to get in and I froze. But he was always happy to
get out for a while and build sand castles.
Brooks did OK on the beach. He hated walking barefoot but did
great with his shoes on. I think it's because the sand was so
cold. But he liked getting shells and playing with them.
And then theres Melisa and me. Melisa had her birthday on April 22. Folks are going to start getting onto me for marrying a 20
year old but who cares? Next year she'll be an adult at 21. She's so pretty.
As for me, nothing special. Just doing the Dad thing and having fun.
But, I'm hungry now and have written a whole bunch. I'm going to close now. But thank you for continuing to stop by, anxiously
awaiting any kind of update and hoping those snowballs would finally go away. Woo Hoo! They're gone!
That's all for now. Have a great day and we'll see you soon!
Crazy Fraker Boys!