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R.A. & Melisa -
Good afternoon, folks. I hope everyone is having a great day. Yes, I know,
Christmas was a couple of months ago so it’s about time I changed this
page to be more recent.
Today is Thursday, March 4. It’s a sunny day with the temperatures
around 40 degrees. I’m so ready for this ridiculous weather to just get
itself right so we can move on to Spring. We’ve had more snow this year
than I recall in quite some time. It’s nice, sure, to get snow from time to
time but that, coupled with the ridiculous cold and all the darned rain….
well, let’s just say “bring on the warm”.
So, how have things been for you? Good, I hope. It’s been good in the
Fraker household. Not a lot going on that I can think of. Just the usual
stuff with highlights here and there. So, what do you say we get into
those highlights now? Good idea.
Since the last update we’ve been through Christmas and New Year’s,
both of which were nice. Of course we spent both at home.
We had a nice Christmas. If you remember the last update, though, you may recall Melisa was broken. Yes, she had torn
her tendons in her left foot and was in an air cast for 9 weeks. Yikes!!! That time ran over Christmas which was no fun for
her. It also meant she had trouble decorating the house.  The boys and I  were able to get most of it done, although we did
lessen the number of things that went out. And, the tree was a bit more sparse in that we only put a few of Melisa’s
Hallmark ornaments on the tree. The thought was that Chopper would end up messing with them and those things are
kind of expensive. As it turns out, it was a good plan because he kept messing with what he could reach and also had a
habit of climbing up in the tree. At one point he got about 7 feet up.
But again, Christmas was nice. It usually is. There didn’t seem to
be as much stuff as in years past but what was there was pretty
neat. Brooks got this funny looking robot/alien ride on toy that is
controlled by two joysticks on its head. He loves that thing and
drives it all over the place. He’s pretty good at it, too and can ride
all over the house and not hit anything. But then sometimes he
just sits on it and spins (and spins and spins and spins….).
Whatever, he has fun.
Griffin got some pretty neat stuff. The coolest thing that Santa
Claus brought him was night vision binoculars. Seriously, they
work like something that would cost a thousand dollars. I actually
took them in a completely dark room, no light at all and tried
them. I could see everything. It was too cool.
And the biggest thing was the Millennium Falcon that he got from GG.
That thing is 3 feet long and a foot and a half plus wide. He loves Star
Wars anyway so this was really neat and he plays with it all the time. Of
course, it’s usually docked somewhere because he just can’t fly the
darned thing.
On New Year’s Eve we did our usual sit and watch Dick Clark and
celebrate with sparkling apple juice. No fireworks this year, though.
And then came the snow. And more snow. And what the heck, let’s add
more snow to that. Yes, three measurable snow falls, one getting as much
as 4 inches. The second one was a good one because it made good
snowballs, snowmen and was good for our pitiful sledding. Who knew you’
d need a sled? The first snow was too powdery and the last was too wet
but that second one was just right. Sadly, the boys were pretty sick
during the second so we didn’t enjoy it as much as we’d have like but it
was still fun.
So what else? Well, Melisa is moving right along with her Braille classes.
She takes them on Mondays at CVI. Mondays are tough for her because
she gets Griffin to school at 7:45 and then has to head to downtown
Atlanta for class by 9:00. That is during the worst possible traffic time so
bless her heart. Since I have to go to the office everyday now she is really
on the road a lot. But she can read uncontracted Braille pretty fluently
and is getting there on contracted, which is neat because it is, of course,
a second language.
Brooks loves school and his teachers. Most of his stuff is social skills but there is also a good bit of reasoning and
recognition. He is so incredibly smart. And funny. I have to pass a story. The other week Melisa was sitting on the sofa.
Brooks walked up to her and told her to get up. She said no. Well, the boy told her again and then began to count to
three. When he finished he popped her leg and said that he told her to get up. Now, we don’t condone that, of course but
come on, that’s funny stuff. He does so many other funny things, I should write them down more often but I don’t and
then I forget. I’ll get better.
Griffin doesn’t really care for school. Sure, he likes his friends and some of
the stuff but, already at 7 years, he is faking illness to stay out. It used to
be you could tell him that, if he was sick he would have to go to the doctor
and that would cure him. No more! Now he’ll take the doctor just so he
doesn’t have to go. He goes to school anyway but this is a bad omen. I
know me and hear tell of his Uncle Jeff. This could be messy.
Oh, Griffin had his Pinewood Derby for Scouts and we’re proud to say that
he won the race as well as Best of Show. His car was a super cool X-Wing
fighter. I did the cutting but he did the sanding, gluing and painting. It
was probably the neatest Pinewood car I’ve ever seen. And fast, too.
He opted not to play baseball this year. I’m kind of sad because I
love the game but also very happy because last year was no fun
at all. I was ready for last season to end within a few weeks of it
starting. I have a different feeling about how 5 and 6 year olds
should play ball, I guess. Now Griffin has decided he wants to
play golf. Now we need to get him some lessons. He may stick
with it, he may not but he can at least try it out. And, if he plays
golf maybe I'll get to every once in a while. Of course, I have so
manythings going on, maybe we'll get Melisa playing. We know
how good she is a putt putt, maybe she can work on her long
OK, that’s enough for now. I’ve given a summary of two and a
half months. From now on I’m going to do a weekly with just
some blurb-y stuff. It’s easier when you’re not feeling creative.
So get those printers ready because it should be frequent
updates. I’ll also keep a link to previous pages, just in case you
miss one.
So I’m going to shut up now. Thanks for reading and I’ll be
back soon.
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