Valentine’s and Easter were the usual days. The boys colored
eggs and hid and found eggs. We had the family come to our
house this year for Easter. A whole bunch of folks were on the
house including some unexpected folks, but it was a good day.
Heck, Easter is always a good day. The best day of the year,
We celebrated Melisa’s birthday with her getting a pedicure,
which she promptly messed up and the annual crab boil. That’s
what she likes and no arguments here. Six pounds of crab and
lots of butter. Healthy and unhealthy in one felled swoop. This
year she got a tablet thing from me and the boys. It’s a pretty
neat thing, a computer in your hands. I think we finally got her
something she liked.
And now we’re here. Let’s talk about what the boys have done.
We did something different this year. Back in November Melisa and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. She’s so pretty and I’m
so lucky. Sometimes I’m a bit of a boob but she still loves me, which is pretty neat.
But we didn’t do anything back in November. We decided we would do a cruise for our anniversary. We took a trip to the
Western Caribbean. We left out of New Orleans, which was a first for us. It was the first time I have ever been there and I can
say without question, I never need to go back. The place was awful. I have no idea why people love that place so much. I have
never seen such a mess of trashy people and things in my entire life. But that’s me, I guess. Even if I did get lost and end up
there, there is no way I would ever take children.
Anyway, the cruise…..We went to places like Cozumel, Grand Cayman and
Montego Bay. Grand Cayman was fun. We went snorkeling and got some neat
pictures of stingrays and all sorts of fish. And the lizards! Good grief, they
were everywhere. Big ones, some a couple of feet long. But it was a nice port.
We had snorkeling set up in Cozumel but the weather was not good so they
cancelled that trip. We ended up wandering around and doing not a lot.
Montego Bay was awful. We wanted to take a taxi to some shops so they herded
us into a bus saying sure, they’d take us. Shortly after getting on the bus the
sales pitch began. They’d take everyone to the mountain or whatever it was for a
“nominal charge”. Melisa and I said several times that no, we did not want to do
that. We wanted to be dropped off where we had said we wanted to be dropped
The boys got some neat stuff for Christmas. Griffin got the usual
video game things and some Lego stuff and Brooks got some kind
of a glider rider. It’s a thing you sit on and turn the steering
wheel back and forth and it moves. It actually moves pretty fast.
I wish I could ride it because it always looks like fun.
The big thing, though, was the trampoline. I always wanted a
trampoline and now the boys have one and have fun on it. You
know, you think you have a flat place in the yard until you get a
trampoline and then you say wow, that is really not level at all.
But now it is straight and we are ready for warm weather when
they can play outside on it for hours.
New Year’s was the usual hang out at the house and drink
sparkling apple cider. I don’t know, I like those celebrations the
best. Just hanging out with my favorite people.
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R.A. & Melisa -
So Christmas came and went. It was, as always, a good Christmas. The tree
went up the weekend after Thanksgiving and presents began filling
underneath not long after. We didn’t really do anything out of the
ordinary this time. GG and the boys did their annual cookie bake. Griffin
and Brooks always have a lot of fun doing that. It’s always funny to look at
the finished products. Griffin gets all creative with a forest of trees in
the snow and other things while Brooks just likes to splat things. Icing is
his friend. For some reason it’s red icing. Lots and lots of it. They pick
their favorites and leave these for Santa Claus. They must do a good job
because the cookies are completely gone on Christmas morning.
You know, one of the big things you look forward to on a cruise is
the food and the dining experience. Well, Melisa and I learned
that dress codes on a ship are now, to quote a good movie, “more
of a guideline”. We dressed every night but there were folks in
shorts, flip flops, cut-offs and even hats. Luckily we had our own
table and I know I was very happy about that. I got to see the
prettiest girl on the ship while making fun of all the idiots on
board. Especially the bonehead next to us on his honeymoon in
jeans and a t shirt while his bride dressed very nicely every
night. That is a doomed marriage.
I sound like it was all bad but overall the cruise was fun. We
enjoyed the balcony and the shows were OK. We hated being
away from the boys but we did talk to them each night via
computer webcam.
Well, here we are at the beginning of May. Of course, you’d never know it was May 3 if you were to walk outside . You’d be
thinking, wow, this is going to be a pleasant day; warn, sunny and I can’t wait to see all those May flowers. Or Pilgrims, whatever
it is May is supposed to be bringing us.
And then you actually do step outside. And it’s cold. Cold like the first of November. And wet. You look up in the sky and say
“what happened here?” but the only answer is a cold, stiff wind in your face. Good grief, what a stupid year.
But here we are in May. It has been a while since the last update. We’ve seen Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s, Easter, Melisa’s
birthday and probably some other things that I should have been writing. But tell you what, how about we get to it now?
The R.A., Melisa, Griffin and Brooks Fraker
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Griffin has been inducted into the Beta Club. We’re so proud of him. We may call him a goober, which he is, but he is so very
smart. In Scouts he has achieved the rank of Second Class and is now the highest rank in his Patrol. That’s pretty impressive
considering some of the Scouts have been there 6 months longer than him. He’ll be First Class by next month.
He did the spelling B again this year and is the only person in his school to have qualified to compete each year. We hated it
because it happened while we were on the cruise (stupid school!) but he ended up in 3rd place. That is excellent and again, we are
so very proud of him.
And yesterday Griffin asked if we had anything on the computer he could use to make a brochure. Really? He’s 10 years old and
looking at computer programs. And difficult ones, at that. I mean yeah, he plays with his toys but the boy is just plain smart.
Oh, did I mention Griffin had his braces removed/ Yep, they took them off and his teeth are perfect! Nice smile!
Brooks is doing great. He is finishing up Kindergarten and, while he says
he hates school, he actually has fun. It may be because his best friend,
Lily, is always there for him. He does like that girl. And he is super
smart. He has been added to the classroom reading wall for his ability
to recognize a certain number of words. Think about it, he not only has
to learn by touch, he also has to understand that certain letters have
multiple meanings. Not words…LETTERS! But he is great.
He has also been recognized several times as a Math Marvel. That is the
person in each grade that basically, does the best in math. Look! Proud
mom and dad in the room!
And he has such a way with words. Not long ago, Griffin said something
to him and Brooks answered “I’m not going to dignify that with an
answer”. Of course, he does drop his social skills with reports of setting
off poot alarms.
Funny story….The other morning, Brooks asked Melisa what our carpet
was made out of.  She told him she wasn't sure but thought it was
probably made out of man-made polyester fibers.  He then said, in a
very matter-of-fact way, "So, our carpet is made out of a bunch of
dead men." After getting that visual out of her head, Melisa then
explained to him the differences between natural and man-made
materials.   Hopefully he understands that we haven't been walking
around for years on ground up dead guys covering lots of the floors in
our house. The moral here is, it’s not just what you say to him but how
you explain.
We’re coming to the end of the school year and there are changes coming. B will
be attending summer school to keep up with everything he’ll see in first grade.
It’s only a few weeks so he’ll be fine. He’ll miss Bible School but he gets to
work with Mrs. Kay, whom we all love. Then on to first grade.
Griffin will be moving up to middle school. And in a bit more of a change, it
looks like he’ll be headed to a school other than where his friends will be. It’s
tough, I know. The good thing is, his new school is supposed to be better all the
way around. He’ll make friends, I know but we need to be sure his current
friends don’t get left behind. After all, they are his buddies.
So we’re headed into summer soon. Not that you could tell by this stupid
weather, but it will be a busy one. With summer school, Griffin’s last Bible
School, Scout camps for both boys, swimming and a return to the Florida St.
George area. I’m looking forward to finally getting back there.
It should be a fun several months so have a great summer and I’ll write
something up when I can.
No problem, they said. And then we ended up about 10 miles outside of town stranded. After much arguing that no, we absolutely
did not want to be where they took us and we said this many times over, they called us another cab to basically take us back
where we started. So we spent $40 just to ride in a car.
I hate Jamaica.