Last week Griffin went to Boy Scout summer camp. This was
the full week deal. He’s done partial weeks the past 2 years
but this was more. I was there so I saw most everything he
did. I wasn’t with him the whole time but I did keep tabs on
him. Again, he is my baby boy. He took several classes to earn
Merit Badges and came away with 6. Some of the guys took
things like Pottery and Sculpture to pad their badges but
Griffin had good ones that would help him with various things.
I asked and he enjoyed everything except for his Wilderness
Survival overnight camp. He had to build a shelter and sleep in
it. He doesn’t mind the sleeping outside but there weren’t
enough materials to build a proper shelter so it was not as
much fun as it could be. All the guys that did it said the same
thing. But, he did learn.
OK, some funny things Brooks has discovered. It seems that Brooks has learned some sort of martial arts thing. I have no idea
where he got it. When he feels he has been wronged or just wants to dispense a little bit of justice, he breaks out the “double
hand karate chop”, which he will say followed by the actual double hand karate chop and a good and loud “Hi-YA!”. If evil still
doesn’t succumb it will receive the awe inspiring but deadly “karate kick”.
On to some Griffin things…
Griffin has, as I mentioned, completed 5th grade and is now an adult. Oh
wait, Jethro did “gradgiate” from the 6th grade, never attaining his
dream of being a soda jerk or brain surgeon, but we have hopes for
Mr. G has now turned 11 years old. For some reason when I just typed
that it didn’t seem that old but I think back to 11 years ago and it seems
like forever. He made his early appearance so many years ago and we
were so happy to have our baby boy. I remember just hanging around
the hospital anxious for him to arrive but hoping for one more day so he
could get stronger. And poor Melisa was probably thinking “get this
thing out!” because I know she wasn’t enjoying it like I was. But in
almost no time there was our baby boy. So sweet and cute, well, except
for that ridge on his head….freaky. But he was perfect. My baby boy.
But, with the B beginning First Grade he has now officially become a Cub
Scout, which he has been waiting on for such a long time. He did his first Tiger
Cub activity as we all attended a flag dedication for a friend and former Scout
Leader. Griffin and Brooks were both in full uniform and Brooks thought it was
great to finally get to wear one.
Brooks also got to take part in his first Cub Scout camp. He did Twilight Camp
this year and had an overall good time with a few bumps and “I’m bored”
comments here and there. He made some neat things, played some games and
such. I was surprised he didn’t want to shoot BBs but he has them at home so no
worries. And he earned lots of belt loops as well as some rank advancements. I
think he’ll have fun in Scouts but he will definitely need someone there to adapt
things so he doesn’t claim boredom.
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R.A. & Melisa -
And Brooks is moving from kindergarten to the First Grade. So, after
what, 4 years of school he’s finally getting to where it counts. He did great
in school. He was great at his math and most everything else but did need a
little extra work on his reading. He was able to get all of the required
“sight words” (what a bad name for a blind kid) so he was performing at
grade level in reading but Mrs. Kay wanted him to do a few extra weeks of
school in June to keep him on track. There were mornings where he didn’t
really want to go but he loves being with Mrs. Kay so it did offset the pain
a bit. And he missed Bible School, which he really was sad about.
Summer for Griffin has been kind of here and there. He’s done
stuff but there have also been plenty of periods of boredom.
Honestly, it has rained probably 70% of the summer which has
crushed a lot of outside activity. But he started the summer with
Bible School. His very LAST Bible School. He had a good time as
he always does. It was some kind of a panda theme this year.
Griffin also attended his first sleep away from home. Colbey had
his birthday party and there were around 12 boys there. According
to Griffin, he did not sleep the entire night because some of the
boys thought it would be funny to draw on anyone that fell asleep.
Fun stuff.
We’ve been swimming some but nowhere near what you’d think we
would. To be honest, the pool took forever to warm up because of
all the rain.
Good morning, everyone. It has been a little while since the last update and we have had plenty of things going on so let’s get
right to it…..
Today is July 25. Since the last update school has ended. Amazingly with this update it’s just about to start. That is just so sad.
But yes, Griffin has graduated Elementary school and is now headed to Middle School. It is such a change. We visited his new
school and it seems like a nice place. It’s much smaller than where all his friends are going but I like that. No one is going to be
standing out front ringing the bell like a Little House on the Prairie type thing but yeah, it’s smaller than the behemoth that all
his friends will be going to. The downside is, all his friends will be going to the behemoth. He’ll be fine and will make friends but
it is sad.
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OK, so it is now almost 8:00 in the morning and the house is incredibly loud. As you may recall, the hail from back in March
crushed the roof and the skylights. Well, we finally have a roofer and they are replacing everything now. Today is day 2 of the
replacement and it is LOUD. They are dragging shingles and wood up and down the roof. And with each section they pull off we
find where the idiot that built the house did yet another bad job on something. There are holes in the roof that have rotted wood
all over the place. Very small holes from where they originally put 2x4s for footholds when installing the original roof. That
allowed water to get in and now we get to replace these boards at $45 a pop. Yay. But I guess it would have to be done at some
point so at least insurance will pick up most of the cost.
So now we get to today. We’re stuck inside while they work on the roof.
It’s one of those rare, beautiful days this year but they are throwing
debris all over the place so we can’t go out. Brooks is bored but Griffin
seems to have plenty to do. That is plenty other than his summer SOAR
project that should basically take one day to complete and somehow he
has drug it into a full summer of putting off and a week of
Summer is almost over and the boys will be starting school. Brooks’
birthday is coming soon so I’ll work on getting updates shortly after.
But for now, that’s about it.
So then 11 years later he is still our baby boy. I tell him he will always be my baby and I will always call him that. I think he’s ok
with that, as long as no one hears me say it.
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His birthday was sort of the same as previous years, with a swim party, but this year marked his very first spend the night party.
He had around 6 boys stay the night in the downstairs. I swear, they were up all night, loud and having fun. I think the noise died
down at around 4 am, maybe 5. But they had fun and he had a blast.