We hit a milestone this trip, too, as Griffin is now tall
enough to drive a car by himself on the Indy Car track.
He was so thrilled, we had to document with pictures and
video. And Brooks loves that ride because, well heck, he’s
a blind 5 year old driving a car! What’s not to love?
Oh, and of course we played miniature golf and yes, I
scored the lowest score of the day on the Summer course.
OK, so maybe we were the 2nd group to play that day but
I got to put my name on the board and you didn’t so hush
But we had a great time at Disney, again.
Thanksgiving was nice as always. Good food and fun with
the family. GG joined us for lunch at our house and then
we were off to Mom and Ken’s/Grandmother/Papa’s for
dinner with the Fraker family. I hate that we don’t spend
more time together. I keep saying that but don’t do
anything about it. Sad.
Late October was the Pack family camp, which Melisa, Griffin and I went to but we were  pretty much camped out. It was fun,
though, complete with a 2 hour hike. OK, that was tiring but Griffin had a good time.
And Brooks got to stay with GG, which he always loves. They ate Arby’s and had curly fries, Brooks’ personal favorite side item.
I swear, you add chicken nuggets to that and he’d be happy every day.
Halloween came, of course. Griffin ’s costume
this year was a ninja while Brooks was Peter
Pan. Griffin was sleek and menacing but Brooks
His costume was leafy green, complete with hat
and small knife. He looked really cool.
The boys went to the Cumbie’s house again this
year for Trick or Treating and did pretty well.
It didn’t seem like we did that long but I guess
everyone was happy with their haul. They won’t
eat most of it, anyway, so I guess it’s just the
being there that counts.
Late September and early October brought some camping for Griffin
and me. Late September brought about the Webelos Encampment. The
guys learned several first aid and outdoor skills, which are always
valuable. We camped for 2 nights and had a really good time. I always
liked camping but Griffin has a ball doing it. Yes, I am living through
him. So what?
In early October we camped with the Boy Scouts at the Fall
Camp-o-ree and had a good time. With Griffin being a Webelos Scout,
he has the opportunity to do things with Boy Scouts. Not everything
but some things. The theme of that camp was Fall games. It was an
Olympic themed camp with all sorts of activities like hurdles, long
jump, hammer throw and summer Olympic type things. I was so proud of
Griffin when at the closing campfire he got a whole mess of ribbons for
his efforts. Yes, some of them were because he happened to be one of
three Packs there so of course he placed in many things but there were
several individual events that he took first or second place in. Now he
has a Patrol flag covered with red, white and blue streamers. Pretty
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Of course we had Brooks’ birthday, which was the theme of the last update. I didn’t get into the actual party because I wrote
before that had actually happened. The theme this year was Veggie Tales. He loves those guys so he had a Bob the Tomato and
Larry the Cucumber cake. No, not tomato and cucumber flavored, that would just be weird. They were chocolate, of course. He
received some pretty neat stuff, including several VT videos. It always amazes me how much he loves videos. He will sit and listen
to them for the longest time. He says he watches them, which is kind of neat. But it was a fun time for all.
Disney trip in November. Like last year we decided to go the week
before Thanksgiving. We stayed at the Saratoga Springs Resort and
thought it was a really nice place. We’d recommend it and do it again.
We were kind of worried at the start of the trip because our first
day it seemed really crowded. Luckily, the crowds must have left
that night because it was pretty good from then on.
We did and rode all the old favorites and a couple of new ones. One
of those new ones that was a big hit with the boys was the revamped
Star Tours ride. If you don’t know, it’s one of those motion things
where you watch a screen while the "ride" jostles you around and
bumps and such to simulate you being in a super fast space ship doing
all sorts of crazy things. I hated every second of it. I don’t do well
with those sort of things so, of course, the boys wanted to ride it
three times. I kept my eyes closed most of the time. It doesn’t scare
me, it just makes me super dizzy and sick. It’s funny, no one will ride
Tower of Terror or Space Mountain with me but they’ll do that
insane Star Tours thing over and over.
Back from the great beyond, or sitting at my desk at work, whatever works best,
I’m back writing more for the much anticipated, often duplicated but never
equaled Frakers.net home page. Yes, I read the page, too so I’m well aware of the
fact that it has now been 3+ months since the last update. Dang! I am lazy.
But I have updates now and I know how much the masses have been waiting to
hear what I have to say. Since our last update in September we’ve done many,
many things so let’s get to it.
The R.A., Melisa, Griffin and Brooks Fraker
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November….ah, the greatest month in the Fraker family. We celebrated our 14th year together as the Frakers. We didn’t really
do anything special or go on any cool trips….yet. We ate out and just kind of did the family thing. I know it may sound weird to
some folks that we don’t really do it up big but the fact is, for me, I don’t need to go anywhere special or do anything crazy to
remind myself that I already have the best anniversary present that I could ever get and that is the fact that Melisa and I have
been with each other another year. There is nothing on earth that I could ever want or need more than having her with me every
single day for the rest of my life.
And next year we’re planning a cruise.
December brought Christmas decorating and various parties. Brooks
has had his BEGIN Christmas party and also his LEAP Christmas party
and the boys have visited Santa Claus. Griffin wrote his letter to
Santa and helped Brooks say what he wanted and they put it in the
mailbox. And Santa took time out of his crazy schedule to write them
back, which always impresses me how he does that. He is something else.
That brings us to now. The boys are out of school and we are
ready for Christmas. The boys keep checking the “naughty or
nice” ornaments to gauge where they are. Some days are better
than others but I’d say on the whole they’re pretty good. But
you never know, Santa Clause may fire a warning shot every
now and then. GG came by yesterday to do the annual cookie
decorating, which I always think is such a neat thing and a
great tradition G and B look forward to.
But, Christmas is in 4 days (yikes!) and we are prepared for it
and a great 2012. I will be back as soon as I stop being lazy but
till then, have a very Merry Christmas and a super Happy New

By the way, you can't see him.