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Good morning and welcome back for another long awaited edition of Frakers.net. It’s a
glorious day, with highs in the mid 40’s, wet, overcast and generally yucky. Yes, it is truly
a beautiful day. Today is Wednesday, February 2, Groundhog day and brother Jimmy’s
(Uncle Jim’s) birthday. So, happy birthday, J!
Since we last got together we’ve had an eventful schedule. Yes, it has been a while. We’ve
seen Christmas, New Year’s, Martin's day, where everyone has to get a large chicken
biscuit, and various other special days. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?
Christmas was good, as always. The house was decorated up and looked great. We actually
used less decorations this year than usual. That does not mean we were lean on the décor.
No, but at some point, after getting stuff every year you have to cut back somewhere. But
is still looked great. Oh, and it was a very special Christmas this year (aside from the
obvious reasons). We actually had a white Christmas. Yes, snow. It depended on where you
actually lived but we did get a bit, maybe 2 inches. Very pretty.
I know moms and dads want that picture but it is so important that the
kids get to pass the word to the big man what they want for Christmas.
This elf just didn’t seem to know that. Oh sure, nice man, I guess but
seriously, not a word said. We had to prompt the boys to tell what they
wanted because he certainly wasn’t asking. But the boys did tell him.
They also sent a letter to Santa Claus just in case his helper may not
have heard what was being said. It must have worked because they did
Christmas Eve was at the house with GG and Buddy. We had our usual
Christmas Eve dinner, this year with ham and all sorts of good things.
Then the exchanges with GG and Buddy and, of course, the Santa
Tracker on the NORAD site. I love that site. It is too cool watching
Santa go around the world. The boys love watching and listening to the
reports. It helps make sure everyone is in bed and asleep on time.
Griffin was funny this year. He couldn't sleep because he was nervous
anticipating Santa's arrival. He finally got in bed. It's funny, I keep
waiting for the boys to wake up super early and expect it every year.
But not this year. We slept till about 8:00. There was some pretty cool stuff out there and the boys had a great time. Griffin got
a Nintendo DS, which now accompanies him everywhere. But it is neat. Brooks got a new riding toy. It’s a police motorcycle with
the world’s loudest siren. Good grief that thing is loud. But amazingly, he doesn’t ride it that much. Go figure.
The late afternoon/evening was spent at Grandmother and Papa’s. We ate and exchange presents and had a good time visiting with
each other. Presents are nice but honestly, I don’t need anything so I like just hanging out.
On Monday we got the sleet. It really didn’t seem that bad but suddenly
8 inches of powder became 5 inches of powder and 2 inches of ice. It was
like that chocolate shell stuff you use on ice cream. Except without the
delicious chocolate shell you use on ice cream. Oh sure, it was fun with the
sleds and you could slide just by laying on your back but that got old. The
ice got old. And it was showing no signs of going away. I actually slipped
on it and my hand smashed though. It looked like I had punched a window.
Oh, fun story…on one of the may frozen days I had let Baxter out to
handle business. That was around 8 am. Later on, at about 10 am Melisa
looked in the back yard and asked “what is that”. It looked like, could it
be….yes, it is a dead animal in the fenced back yard. A dog of some sort.
So, I got dressed, got a shovel and went to check it out. I then slipped
and slip down the yard right to it. I checked it out and it looked to be a
dead coyote pup. Frozen solid. I don’t know when it got there but I know
Baxter did not bark at it 2 hours earlier. I got it on the shovel and
trudged back several hundred yards to dump it off property.
So Christmas came and went. We took the decorations down
earlier than usual because we were going to be at the
mountain house on New Year’s Eve. The house is really nice
and set away from everything. We played games, read and
hung out doing not a whole lot of anything. The weather was
really awful so you couldn’t get out and walk. Me and the
boys did go to the top of the mountain but it was soggy and
slushy getting there. We celebrated the arrival of 2011 by
drinking the worst apple cider ever. I think it sat too long
because it was awful. But we were together, which is always
cool. One day we’ll be calling the boys wishing them a
Happy New Year so times together are always good.
The R.A., Melisa, Griffin and Brooks Fraker
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OK, enough weather….on to Christmas.
This year we started Christmas with the usual day after Thanksgiving decorating, which we’ve discussed already. The boys visited
Santa Claus in early December. We visited the one at Arbor Place and I know Santa Claus hand picks his helpers but this
gentleman could have maybe been a bit more scrutinized. He was skinny with grey hair and kind of a thin beard. And he wouldn’t
talk. It was like he was simply there for the picture.
Moving forward, we find the blizzard of 2011. It fell on us on Sunday January 9. Our house got about 8 inches of snow dumped
on it overnight. It was incredible. And very pretty. Melisa had the foresight to buy sleds the Friday before so we were set for
fun. We spent a good amount of time sledding and playing outside. You couldn’t make snowballs because it was a dry snow. That
was soon to change.
When I got back inside the fence I looked everywhere to see how it got in. I mean, this is a fenced yard that children and
animals play in. Amazingly, I found no spot that it could have come in. No down fence, no trees on the fence, no rise in the fence,
nothing. I don’t know, maybe a really big bird dropped it in there. But then, what about my little dog that is about the same size.
Hmmm…it may remain a mystery.
It was funny after dumping the dog, I couldn’t get back to the house. It was so thick and so slick that I could not get any
footing. Luckily I had the shovel, which I used as a pick and made it back as a climber would in the Alps.
But anyway, the ice kept us in the house for 6 days till I finally got tired of it and broke it up and shoveled the driveway. If I
hadn’t done that we would have been stuck a couple of more days. I don’t care what the road not in front of the house looks like,
if I can’t get to it, it means nothing. I am the reason schools close on snow days.
OK, no more snow stories. I hope.
Big news in the Fraker family! Griffin Tate is the best speller in the
third grade! Yes, that is official. He won the Spelling B on January 18.
He had to win his class and then faced off with the representatives from
the rest of the 3rd grade classes. We are so proud of him and this
tremendous accomplishment. His winning word was “magical”, although
that was actually the easy word. He spelled a whole bunch of tougher
words and got every one of the correct. Melisa had her cell phone on so
I could listen from work. As soon as I heard he won I stood up with a
loud “YES” for the entire office to hear. Way to go, Mr. G! We are all
very proud of you! But then again, maybe spelling is a curse, as well
because lately if you ask him a question he’ll spell the answer (Y-E-S, or
N-O). What a goober!
Brooks is doing well, also. He has recently discovered Griffin’s
old GeoTrax and loves them. I had thought they were packed up
but they made a reappearance not long ago. Now there is a big
track in B’s room and he loves playing with it. He loves being in
his room, period. He asks several times a day if he can play in
his room. He listens to his music and dances. And spins (and
spins and spins and spins and spins…..). His current favorite
music is Yo! Gabba Gabba! And Disney/Pixar music. And he’s
funny, because he loves televison, also. Especially Yo! Gabba
Gabba!, Ni Hoa, Kai Lan, Calliou and the newest entry, Bubble
Guppies. Freaky stuff but he likes it. He so much fun to watch
as he just stands in front of the television completely
OK, I’m cutting it off now. I’ve been typing a long time and had to increase the allowable page size to get all this to fit. I don’t
want to end up with a novel. The pictures may change a bit since I haven’t uploaded everything yet so keep a watch. Have a good
week and I’ll be back soon!