Griffin is now in the 4th grade. It is a lot of work and, in my opinion, too much. Reading should be fun but I honestly believe
that school will take his enjoyment of reading and writing completely away. But maybe that’s just me.
OK, so now I’m sitting here typing while watching “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” while Brooks puts together and takes
apart a toy car. He’s making one for me but right now he has to go back to his shop.
And, I guess, so do I. I am supposed to be working. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. But until then, Happy
Birthday Brooks! We love you!
This year has brought on a huge blizzard. Brooks got his first real experience in the snow. In previous snows he hasn’t cared as
much for it but this time he had a ball sledding over and over. Unfortunately, Griffin kept crashing him into the bushes but on the
whole Brooks loves snow.
With Griffin getting a new bicycle, Brooks has taken over Griffin’s old one. He loves riding it and honking the horn. And the
other day, Brooks and I played baseball in the front yard. I set up the tee and Brooks would place a ball on the tee and put a
pretty good swing on it. He rarely missed. I know Griffin doesn’t really like baseball but maybe Brooks will and I can explain the
game to him. And he may want to play when he gets older.
Oh, and Brooks has now taken on the character of “Chef
Brooks”. Chef is a funny sort of fellow because at some
times he is Brooks and likes to help in the kitchen but then
sometimes Chef is a handyman, capable of doing most
anything. He’s even been a secret agent. And then Chef
Brooks becomes someone completely different, living next
door to us in Florida. He is Brooks, is Brooks’ cousin, a
friend and anyone that suits Brooks’ needs. Chef Brooks
truly is the most interesting man in the world (stay thirsty,
my friend!).
So many other things have gone on since last September, it’s
hard to keep up with them all. It really has been a fast year.
Last October we had Brooks’ family camp with CVI which was a lot of
fun in the outdoors with Brooks doing all sorts of cool things, including
Trick-or-Treating at camp. He also did regular Trick-or-Treating with
Griffin and some friends. His costume last year was Hercules. This
year he’s planning on being Peter Pan.
We went to Disney last November and Brooks got to actually drive one
of the Indy cars. Yes, Melisa was in the car with him handling the
pedals but make no mistake (and seeing it happen, you’d be hard
pressed to), Brooks did the driving. He smashed into the guide rail over
and over but he had an absolute blast. And he rode roller coasters and
all kinds of thrill rides like Test Track and Kali River Rapids. He has
no fear, generally, although he didn’t enjoy that second ride on Splash
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R.A. & Melisa -
Over the last year Brooks has conquered his fear of the ocean and waves. During a recent trip to the beach he had a ball playing
in the waves and especially being pulled around on the boogie board, getting flipped every so often and jumping up ready for
more. Last year at the beach he didn’t care so much for waves.
I need to say something about Griffin, too. He had a busy
summer, starting with our trip to the beach. He loves the beach
and playing in the ocean. We should have lived at the beach.
This summer also marked Griffin’s first real camp. He did
Webelos camp in July; three nights and 4 days away from home.
I was with him so it wasn’t too bad. In fact, other than the
awful heat it was pretty fun. Griffin said several times he
wished he could stay longer. One particular point of pride,
Griffin passed the Boy Scouts of America swim test. This is the
same test that all Scouts must take, regardless of age, to be
considered “swimmers”. He was great.
Good morning and Happy Birthday, Mr. B!!!!

Yes, today is Tuesday, September 6 and Quinton Brooks Fraker is 5 years old
today! It seems such a short time ago that we got the call telling us that our baby
boy was in Savannah waiting on his family to come take him home. I was actually
up in his room yesterday getting rid of clothes that no longer fit him and pulling
out clothes that used to be Griffin’s. As I looked at the various outfits it seemed
that Griffin had just stopped wearing them and now Brooks was that big.
It has been such a great 5 years with so many things happening. Brooks has
finished his second year of school and has now begun his first year of real Pre-K.
Five years old and in his 3rd year of school…..Good grief. And he has started a
new program at CVI. That boy is schooled up and learning more every day.
The R.A., Melisa, Griffin and Brooks Fraker
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Brooks loves swimming in the pool and is pretty good at jumping in. He talks about how this time he’s going to jump “way,
way, waaaaay out”, which he does. And then he wants to do a “back buster”, where he stands with his back to the pool and
I pull him in. He has a life jacket on so it doesn’t hurt but he loves it.
His favorite shows now are anything Veggie Tales. He’ll put on his headphones and just listen. He wants that as his
birthday theme this year so he’ll have a Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber cake. And he likes playing video games,
which is pretty neat for a blind kid. The funny thing is, sometimes he wins.