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R.A. & Melisa -
So I’m sitting around at work and I pull up our  home page on the
personal computer and I realize “Dang! I haven’t updated that is a but I
just keep putting it off. But, no more!
OK, today is Wednesday, August 11. It is shaping up to be yet another
hot day. We’ve had close to a month of straight 90+ degree weather with
almost unbearable humidity. I get in the car at work getting ready to
head home and it reads 110 degrees. Now I know that isn’t necessarily
the actual temperature and is instead the ground temperature, but
either way it is safe to say that it is HOT!
So, several things have gone on since June. First is that
the boys are back in school. Griffin is now in the third
grade and Brooks is….well, Brooks is still in Pre-K. He
has one more year of Pre-K before he actually becomes
just plain old “K”. Things seem to be going well so far,
although it has only been a week. But I have great
expectations. A good sign, already is that Griffin’s
teacher told him yesterday that he was the best in his
class at not talking in the hall. I’m guessing they were
going to or from lunch. But that is such an amazing step
forward from before. Griffin is a talker so anytime a
teacher says he didn’t, in a positive way, that is, is
something to be especially proud of.
Oh, I must relay this excellent news on Brooks. Brooks has finally discovered that the potty is a good thing. After taking
almost everything he cares about from him he has finally started using the potty every time he needs to pee pee. OK,
that’s funny to type. But, he does a great job with it and has for about 2 weeks now. And he is even to the point where he
can pull down his own pants and stand and take care of business. You have no idea how happy we are about that. In
fact, he has even worn regular “big boy” underwear and done quite well with it. He still doesn’t poop on the potty and
will go the entire day just so he doesn’t have to but he’ll get there. I hate diapers and never want to change another one
as long as I live. Well, maybe my grandchildren’s but that is a LONG time away. Or maybe Melisa and I can claim “Don’
t leave us with the baby”.
We haven’t been anywhere and we didn’t do anything this
summer. It was not really a fun summer, to be honest. Sure,
we swam but lately the water has been in the low 90s so it’s
not like its super refreshing. It’s wet and that’s about all. We
had thought we’d get a beach trip in but there have been
things going on that have prevented that from happening.
Maybe we’ll do what has become tradition and pull the boys
out of school for a week in September to go somewhere. I don’t
know where that would be but we need to go somewhere.

One thing that has happened in that GG/Mother/Glenda has
been frequenting the mountains a lot lately. Well, on here
last trip she found a place she liked and is now the proud
owner of a house in the north Georgia mountains. Don’t call
her Grizzlette Adams yet. That will come with time. As long
as she continues to bath. You know, mountain folk, and all.

Maybe she'll start hanging out with Bricoe and the boys and
sing something like "Hang down your head, Tom Dooley" (Ah
Paw, you know that one makes me cry!")
The boys are looking forward to visiting and hanging out in the mountains and doing all sorts of things. As long as it’s
cooler than here. I still want to go to the beach and that will always be the preference but, till we get our own place the
mountains will work just fine. I’m looking forward to a quiet morning on the deck with a cup of coffee listening to the
mountains before everyone wakes up.
I really don’t have a whole bunch else to say. Like I said, it’s
been boring. But, feeling the need to put something out
there, I have now done that. I’ll try for more information
next time but till then, have a great rest of the week, cool off
if you can and we will be back soon.
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