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R.A. & Melisa -
Hello there! I’m back with more stuff and insight into what has been
going on in our world.

Well, since we last spoke there hasn’t really been a whole lot happen.
Today is Friday, March 19. The sun is just starting to come up now. It’s
just below the horizon but it’s making a really pretty view of oranges
and blues. The sky is clear, which in itself is a feat rarely seen these
days, and it is supposed to be a very pleasant day. The forecast is calling
for around 72 degrees today. We’ll see.
I had promised I was going to be more up to date on this and I intend to
abide by that. With that said, the updates will be just that, updates. I
don’t always have a bunch to write but usually have something. “So tell
me, R.A., what do you have to write today?” Well, I’m glad you asked…..
I wanted to relate something quirky that Brooks has taken to
doing. Not long ago, Melisa and I were watching Brooks eat. He
was going about his routine when he reached down, grabbed
his shirt and pulled it up to wipe his mouth. OK, so you’re
probably thinking, “yeah, but all kids do that”. True, but think
about this, most other kids can see. We see our kids do that and
then think they picked the habit up by watching someone else
doing it. And as we know with Brooks, that just isn’t possible.
Unless, of course, he’s been putting on an elaborate ruse. No
ladies and gentlemen, this is pretty much proof positive that we
are all born slobs.
We don’t learn it because I can promise you that neither Melisa or I told him that if he had something on his mouth to
just go ahead and use his shirt. I could understand him using his hand and I can possibly see leaning his head over
and using his shoulder but he actually reaches down and grabs the bottom hem of his shirt and uses it.
So there, mothers, it’s not our fault. We’re born that way.
Oh, I realized that, during the last
update I forgot to mention this. Last
month Cub Scout Pack 626 held its
Pinewood Derby. Well, we are very proud
to report that Griffin took first place in
the races and, as if that weren’t great
enough, he also won best of show. His car
was an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars. It
really was the neatest car I’d ever seen.
He had been looking at car designs online
and found this one. He came up with the
idea, I did the cutting and he did the
sanding, putting together and painting.
Yes, I offered advice and did show
procedures for some things but he most
definitely built the car.
We’re gearing up for vacation, which is coming up soon.
This trip will be to the beach. We’re going to try
something different this time. We’ll be headed to Folly
Beach, just outside of Charleston. We’re really looking
forward to it. I hope it’s warm and sunny. I don’t know
how much faith I have in the warm part but I do know
that we’ll still be on the beach, still be flying kites, still
build sand castles and, knowing Griffin, we will certainly
be in the water. I’m ready to go now.
OK, that’s all I have for now. See, I told you this would be short. But hey, it’s winter. Not a lot goes on during this time.
But it will be gearing up for more. We have some busy weeks and months ahead so come back and see.
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And yes, she does the updates so blame her for any typos.