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OK, so who, exactly, ARE the Frakers?
RA. (The Dad)
So, you want to know more about us? Who we are and what we do? Well,
you’ve come to the right place. I mean, this is the web site
so what better place to find all the answers to your questions than right
here? So lets get started.
Well, we are us. R.A., Melisa, Griffin and Brooks. We live in Winston,GA.
We moved here in August of 2006 from our home in Douglasville. We were
married in November 1997 and the magic has just begun.
We're all native Georgians, a find that is increasingly rare these days. R.A
was born in an Atlanta hospital and grew up in Decatur for 6 years before
the family moved to Acworth. Melisa was also born in an Atlanta hospital,
although not the same, and grew up in Douglasville. Griffin was born in a
hospital in Austell and Brooks is from the historic district, Savannah, GA.
We live with 1 cat, Chloe, and 1 dog, Baxter. They are two completely
different personalities. Chloe is large and lazy and just wants to be left
alone. She will rarely make an appearance beyond the bedroom door.
Mainly that is because Baxter is crazy and chases her as soon as he sees
her. That, and the fact that she really could care less about Griffin.
As I said, the dog is crazy. He is pure bred and registered, but I guess
papers do not imply sanity. His full name is Berberhootie’s Baxinton
Wadapup. Please, call him Baxter.
We love to go on vacation. Our favorite places to go are, of course, the
beach and Walt Disney World in Florida. Another favorite site is
Charleston, South Carolina. We’ve said that when work is done that is
where we plan to settle. On the battery in one of the big old houses. Now
THAT would be neat. We love to travel most anywhere but these are our
R.A. works in the transportation consulting industry and Melisa is a stay at
home mom, which is a tougher job in itself. Griffin has just finished his first
year of school, Pre K at Ashford Academy and is preparing for
kindergarten. Brooks hangs out around the house bringing his own brand of
sunshine into everyone's life. Such a big, bright smile...
To the left are the links to our individual pages. They tell some about us.
We know how important this information is to everyone so we thought we
would oblige the masses. Have fun reading and come back soon. It may
change again, like it just did.
Melisa (Mommy)