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Well hello there. Welcome to my corner of the web. In fact, we’ll go
ahead and call this Brooks’ Corner. And that’s me, Quinton Brooks
Fraker. Please, call me Brooks. Yes, Mommy and Daddy have hung me with
the dreaded MNS. That’s “Middle Name Syndrome�. I am forever
cursed with having to correct teachers, employers and various agencies that I
do not answer to Quinton, Quint or Quin, although Daddy has said the
occasional “Q-Dawg�. No, it’s Brooks. I am named after my great
grandfather, Quinton Glenn Taylor and my maternal grandmothers’
family surname, Brooks. I like it.
I was born on a Wednesday, September 6, 2006 in Savannah, Georgia. I
weighed in at a disputed 6 pounds. I say disputed because various places list
my weight differently. I was kind of small. I understand I had issue when I
was born but they seem to have worked themselves out. Something about
breathing and such. Now you might look at me and try to figure out who I
look most like, Mommy or Daddy. Well, even though Mommy is the most
beautiful lady in the world, I can’t say I got my dashing good looks from
her. And we know they didn’t come from Daddy. I mean come on, Daddy?
No, I actually came to the family by an untraditional way. You see, Mommy
and Daddy really wanted another baby. There was some thing about not be
able to have one on their own. So they started a search. A long search that
ended in finding me. You see, I am adopted and it is so cool. I mean, they
actually went looking for me. But really, who wouldn’t want me to join the
family? I’m just so darned cute.
Ok, Ok…..I could sing my praises all day, but let’s get to the meat of
As I said, I was born on September 6. Mommy and Daddy and my big brother
Griffin drove all the way to Savannah from Winston to meet me. We went
home as a family that Friday, the 8th. I moved into my own room that was
eventually decorated in puppy dogs. When I actually moved in it was kind of
blank and cluttered. That’s just because I came as such a surprise. While
they were ready for me, Mommy and Daddy had no prior warning I was
coming. And they had just moved to this house. Yes, I am chaos. But the good
Anyway, life was pretty neat and just gets better. Well, except for that whole
eyeball setback. You see (no pun intended) we found out not too long ago that
I am completely blind. The doctors say it’s something about detached
retinas and eyes not forming. I don’t know, it’s technical. Now some
folks may say that’s too bad, but you’ll really be saying that when I
beat you at everything. Actually, your friends will be saying that when they
realize that the blind kid just beat you. Daddy’s thinking golf.
My biggest milestone to date occurred on Monday, May 7. That is the day that
the judge said that I am officially a Fraker. Sure, I was always a Fraker, but
now my name and birth certificate prove it.
I am a growing boy. Remember how I mentioned that I started small? Well, I
got past that pretty quickly. I wear clothes that are about 4 – 6 months
bigger than I should be wearing and I am as strong as can be. I love to laugh
and do so often and I love to play. My brother is my best friend and my
Mommy and Daddy think I am really neat. I have challenges ahead but no
more than any other little boy. Hey, we all have to learn to do things. I’ll
just learn them differently and I’ll do them better. I mean, come on, itâ
€™s me we’re talking about.
My name is Brooks and I'll be your host